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Minds is a platform for remote teams to work together. It enables users to have online meetings without leaving the document. It is more than a cloud storage. It is a collaborative productivity software available for mobile and web.

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Date: July 03rd- 25th 2018



  • Researching, Ideating, Wireframing, Designing, Prototyping (Individual Project)



As a freelance designer. I work from home most of the time and I am not along. There are 3.7 million employees work from home for at least half the time as reported in 2017

How do they use to work with each other long distance?  We use Email, Slack, Hangouts, text messages, google drive, dropbox, box, one drive, quip? The problem isn’t there is not enough tools. However, we are using too many of them, it becomes harder and harder to keep track all the conversation and update that we had.



The idea for Minds is to create  a simple way for people to collaborate cross both mobile and web. It is tailored for teams that work on projects remotely. It is more than just storage but also a communication and collaboration tool.  Users can create and edit documents as a team. They can chat with each other using text, voice call, and video call. It is an all in one channel that helps people be more organized of their files and discussions.


User research

User Survey

  1. 94% of participants use google drive. The main reasons that people use cloud products that they are easy to set up an account, integrate with google, provide the storage that they need, and download and compatible with all devices.

  2. 66.7% files that are uploaded on cloud drive are documents.

  3. People who stopped using cloud product is because they don’t think the service is convenient for them anymore.

 User interview

"I work from home 2 days a week. I uses slack, video calls with my team to keep me updated. But I feel it is not really efficient to work that way "

“ Sometimes, it takes me at least 10 mins to find a file that I am looking for because they have too many versions and updates.”


Competitive analysis

Dropbox vs Google drive vs One drive


User persona

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Version 1

This is the document page. I had idea to keep track your file versions just like Github. But after testing with users, they got really confused about the version control. The master branch and sub branches concept is too new to them. And it wasn’t necessary for simple document files.

Doc 1-Changes 3.png
Doc 1-overview.jpg

Version 2

After testing with users, I found out that people who need to work on files with their teams online are likely to work from home or remotely. Having a meeting or chat function people don’t need to leave their document to communicate with their teammates. People wouldn’t loose track on the updates about the files because everything about the document is one place.



I had 3 versions of the dashboard because the when I was doing the preference test, the users don’t prefer one or the other. The first two versions both has problems. People was confused about how to create and upload a document in one button in the first version. In the second version, people think the create and upload button are not that easy to find.


Version 1 ❌

Version 1 ❌

Version 2 ❌

Version 2 ❌

Version 3 ✅

Version 3 ✅


Version 1 ❌

Version 1 ❌

Version 2 ✅

Version 2 ✅



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 At the beginning of the project, I was really trying to have a feature that stands out from the rest of the competitors.  I looked up other cloud services like Pinterest, Github, Quip, and Abstract. I want to find a niche in the market where is untapped. However, the market is very competitive and hard to differentiate yourself completely. So after some intense research and user surveys, I found out there are some of the features can be designed better. Like how to create a better environment for you and your team member to work on the same file. First, I tried to have a version control features like Github, but it wasn't necessary for the simple document that we work on the most. We can always mark the page and make changes and add notes.

One day I was doing a user survey,  the user said to me when he works from home they always have skype to do the video call and open whatever their files that they are discussing. They will have to share the screen, It sometimes has some delay issues when sharing the screen.  Then the video call ideas came up to me.

Even though the video chat features only available on documents in the prototype, it can integrate with other types of files like spreadsheets or slides in the future.



  • Meet the user where they are, rather than add more cognitive load

  • If given more time, I would want to build more features